Friday, April 22, 2011

A Great Night!

Tuesday night we attended our sons' high school FFA banquet.  Our older son received the DeKalb award and a scholarship from the local farm association.  Our younger son received the sophomore leadership award.  What a great night for both of them!  We were so proud.  Our oldest will be graduating in just a few weeks and will be attending the local branch of The Ohio State University.  His brother is finishing his sophomore year and will be going to high school part-time next year and also attending college classes.  Can they possibly be this old?  Yikes!  That must mean I'm getting old!  By the way, the son on the left (oldest) looks just like my husband and the son on the right is the spitting image of me!  And they are NOTHING alike!  Sigh...we are so blessed.  I thank God for these two every day. 

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