Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Cookies!

I've officially begun the Christmas baking.  I started today with peanut butter crisscross cookies.  My mom and grandmother (her mother) both used to bake these.  Basically they are just peanut butter cookies but you take a fork and add a crisscross hatch pattern to the top.  We kids always got to do that part.  During the Christmas season these cookies also got dressed up with some red and green sprinkle sugar.  I guess they thought this made them special for the holidays.  Mom and Granny are both gone now and I miss them terribly.  My niece, Sarah, never got to know my mom and I wish she was here to bake these with her.  My mom always had a day when all the grandkids came over and baked Christmas cookies with her.  Guess they will have to settle for Aunt Marty now!  Hopefully my brothers will both be pleased when I serve these Christmas Eve.  On to more baking!  Hug your loved ones extra hard tonight!

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